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Tag: Imani Farm Coop

Calf Adoption – A Surprising Success by Liz Diaz

LC (Large Cow) By Liz Diaz The harsh truth about milk is that it was made by a mother for a baby.  We take the baby cows away early in order to get the milk and in exchange offer care and food in other forms. L.C. (Large Cow) has been bred 4 times, four years in a row, so that we may continue to have...

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Local Food All Winter

Tomatoes! Garlic! Chicken Stock! And that’s just the beginning   The author, Eli, here with cheese squash. At the Village Terraces common kitchen we haven’t stopped eating a diet based on local foods just because it’s February.  In fact, we’re practically swimming in foods from our farm, Imani, other...

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