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Council Hall Gets a New Coat

Long-time member and natural builder Mollie Curry trained a crew of Earthaveners in earthen plaster repair and lime plaster techniques over the past year, and the interior walls of the great hall are wearing a new, slightly tinted Spring coat. After completing the rest of the interior straw bale walls, the crew will move on to the exterior walls that had to go through the Winter with just a scratch coat on.


(from left) New Roots Sarah Smith, Seaver Williams and Travis Robb, with Mollie Curry (pink hat). The plaster dries to the lightest shade.


If you feel the call of the earthen textures, Mollie will be offering a Cob Workshop and introduction to Natural Building at Earthaven on July 4thweekend.

Cob, council hall, earthen, Mollie Currie, plaster, straw bale

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