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4 New Members in 1 Day

October 24th’s Council Meeting broke the record for number of new Full Members joining (jumping, as we call it) at once.

All had been Provisional Members for less than a year and were excited to share this special day with each other.

The big surprise was their decision to jump in their birthday suits – something that hasn’t happened at Earthaven in a long time!

Jonathan and eli swiftcreek, Kaitlin Hetzner and Karen Taylor (with son, Aura, sharing the spotlight) were then each lifted up to the familiar love song sung to all new members on their jumping day.

Says Jonathan: Earthaven works for me because “I enjoy connecting with intimates and strangers alike about community and ecovillage living.”

Old-timers here are thrilled to welcome these four young folks into the family. They bring a banquet of blessings!

birthday suits, council meeting, eli, jonathan, jumping, Kaitlin, karen Taylor

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