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Tag: Kaitlin

Seasons Changing: Beltaine Traditions at Earthaven

Kaitlin Ilya Wolf, author of this article Earthaven is like two different villages in the winter and summer. In winter all the leaves are off the trees and everything in the village feels closer together. I can see buildings in other neighborhoods and mountain horizon around us. When the leaves grow...

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Creating Culture and Community Through Ritual with Kaitlin Ilya Wolf

Earthaven Ecovillage Podcast Creating Culture and Community Though Ritual with Kaitlin Ilya Wolf Broadcast July 3, 2022Featuring: Kaitlin Ilya Wolf and Sara Carter In this podcast, Kaitlin Ilya Wolf discusses how creating a cycle of annual seasonal rituals helps Earthaven ecovillagers sink into...

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Blood of Life Song with Kaitlin at Earthaven Ecovillage

(Transcript from video) Kaitlin: I give away my blood of life to all my relations and I open my womb with delight. I give away my blood of life to all my relations and I open my womb with delight. I give away, give away, give away, give away I open my womb with delight. I give away my blood of life...

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The Wedding of Kaitlin & Bruce

by Arjuna da Silva   It seems the whole month of May was taken up with the preparations for THE wedding. The village was abuzz with excitement and anticipation for the May 25th event. It was one of those times when everyone comes together to celebrate the same wonderful thing, and old friends...

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Honoring the Dark Time of Year

by Kailtlin Hetzner The air is brisk and cool, the leaves turn the beautiful shades of autumn, the summer is gone and the season calls us inward. It is time to prepare for winter—not only physically for the cold but a slowing down in other ways too. We are approaching Halloween, All Hallows Eve, a...

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Holivillage Ecodays!

by Arjuna da Silva From Samhain (the season that includes Halloween—“hallowed evening” on October 31st and the Day of the Dead on November 2nd) to New Year’s, the season of holy days and celebrations helps buffer the shift to increasingly cold weather.           Now in early December, many...

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