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Musings on Membership

by Todd Edward


Having taken this step in the community’s membership process, I find myself with a few (mostly new) notions about my place in the community and in the world.

Primarily I am now better poised to more fully participate in the exciting exchange of ideas and opinions that are the backbone of our sub-subculture, as well as being afforded more opportunity to contribute directly to the governance process. This in itself was one of my major motivations in applying for membership. As a result of all this, it seems I am taken more seriously in my attempts to socially and energetically establish myself here.

Further, I am becoming a bit clearer on what it will mean for me to simultaneously lead an autonomous lifestyle while still being inextricably connected to, and largely dependent upon, my neighbors and community.

Most importantly, I feel that I have come one small step closer to realizing my ultimate (mostly-attainable) fantasy of complete energetic detachment from that world which exists outside the safe, sensible, cozy bubble that is our home. And yes, you’re damn right, I am (to some extent) willfully hiding my head in the sand.

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