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News from the Village


Max Vermeulen McLeod was born November 5th at 11:55 am to Earthaven members Mana and Johnny McLeod. Max is the fourth baby born at Earthaven.


Welcome Max!

Earthaven member Lee Warren, was married to Matthew Walker in a private ceremony on November 5th. Many of us celebrated at the White Owl Cafe the next day.
Congratulations to Rudy Ballentine who celebrated the release of his new book, “Kali Rising” with an Indian dinner and reading at the Council Hall on November 20th.
Residents and neighbors gathered in the Council Hall December 4th for the annual Bizarre Bazaar, a time to sell and trade handicrafts as well as share an afternoon of good cheer.
Kaitlin Lindsay Hetzner was ordained as a Dianic Priestess on December 11 by her mentor and teacher Ruth Barret. In a women-only ceremony she became a Priestess of the Seasons and Cycles of Her Spiral. A celebration for all followed.
Round Mountain Builders, led by Mihaly Bartalos, completed the renovation of a cabin in Bat Cave. The year-long project used wood from Earthaven clearings and employed several Earthaven members, residents, and neighbors.


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Debbie Lienhart has been an Earthaven Ecovillage member since 2008 and is a Director of Earthaven's School of Integrated Living.

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