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Stone Circle Reflection


“Yes, if the stones that we walked on could talk, they would surely tell our story.”

― Nico J. Genes, Magnetic Reverie

The kick off to this 2022 year has been one of momentum, busyness, expansion, and challenge. It’s been a full season of learning to navigate and hold sacred our energy and time.

With all the forward-moving energy and intensity of this time, I have been given the image of the stone circle over and over again. These stone circles or Stonehenges have been created across the world (including Chapel Hill, NC!), and have been mysterious as to who and what brought them about. These elements of mysticism and connecting to the ancient ways have been a present reminder for me through all the busyness and I wanted to share a little reflection with you.

Circles create boundaries. They create a sacred container. Yet, the gaps between the rocks of a stone circle still invite more to gather. Circles have no beginning and no end. They sustain and hold us in timeless space. They create a sense of togetherness and support to help us remember that we are not alone. Someone will always be facing you in a circle. Circles remind us that others are mirrors reflecting back our own internal landscapes. And circles reflect the cycles of nature and our life – the ebbs and flows, the ups and downs, the busyness and the stillness. The polarity and the infinity.

Rocks are earth. They ground us and hold foundation and structure. They bring us back to the simple ways of being,  without cell phones or tasks to distract us. Rocks return us to embodying our whole and loving selves through the stories they keep. We take on our respective roles as storytellers, healers, wisdom keepers, mystics, poets, song keepers, fire tenders, space holders, earth worshippers, and people of the land – connected by ancestors and the love that resides in each of our essences.

And so, I grieve the loss of the ways of my ancestors – the practices, the foods, the rituals. I grieve the isolation of our cultures, that we live separate from each other and that independence is valued and upheld so strongly. I grieve that connecting to the spiritual realm in our own unique ways is dismissed by our Western minds centered in science, business, and rationalism.

And I celebrate too. I celebrate that we are waking up to the needs of Mother Earth as she screams and retches in pain from the destruction we have caused. I celebrate that more and more hearts yearn to birth new communities around the country and world. I celebrate the hope that I have for the future of humanity in returning to our ancient ways through our current and more conscious lenses.

So I invite you this month to go outside, and with their permission, gather some stones that speak to your soul. Create a stone circle altar in a special place in your home. Allow that circle to remind you to slow down, to breathe, and to center in your energy and Self. Gift yourself the time and space to connect to Spirit and Mother Earth in all the ways that ignite the fire in your soul.

And I call you to remember that you are a sacred and sovereign being that knows how to connect and how to BE love in the infinitude of circles this world brings.

Your fellow mystic and stone whisperer,

Jill Lacasse xx

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Jill Lacasse

Jill is passionate about holistic embodied living in community. Mystic, Heart-led Poet, Meditator and Yogini, Song and Sound Carrier; her fascination lies in the continual expansion and awakening of consciousness through exploring her inner world and her relationships with others. She brings a warm, joyful, bold, and free spirit to her work, relationships, and spiritual life.

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